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The phoenix oolong tea brand - JI YUN XIANG, renown to the USA and EU tea fans as one of the best phoenix oolong (dan cong) tea planters and producers, is now in Malaysia and Thailand! With its astounding craftsmanship, Ji Yun Xiang Phoenix Oolong Tea has been receiving many awards and recognition at various international tea competitions and expos. Most of the tea fans recognise them as a tea company with its own tea plantation in China Chao Zhou City, producing high quality tea with various natural tea fragrance through tea making craftsmanship.

NW Tea Concept has been the sole distributor of Ji Yun Xiang tea brand in Malaysia since 2014, promoting the Chao Zhou Tea Brewing Culture ever since. In 2019, we're honoured to be appointed as the Ji Yun Xiang Thailand sole distributor, expanding our operation to Thai's tea community.

ORGANIC TEA: Ji Yun Xiang organic phoenix oolong tea plantation is certified by the Germany's CERES (Certification of Environmental Standards GmbH) and the Australia's NASAA Certified Organic, both well-known of its stringent requirement to organic certification. (to know more about organic tea, please click here)