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NW Natural World Art Gallery Concept is located at Bukit Bintang My Star Tea City, specialised in six major tea types, including Green Tea, Yellow Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea and Dark Tea.

NW is the sole distributor of Ji Yun Xiang Tea Co., Ltd. in Malaysia & Thailand since 2014. Since then, NW is dedicated in promoting Phoenix Oolong Tea and ChaoZhou Gongfu Tea culture in the region.And also, incorporating Malaysia local art form into Chinese tea culture, such as hand-crafted silver teapots with local designs and Batik clothing used in tea ceremony.

Promoting Tea Culture in Malaysia is one of the most important mission to NW. In 2016, NW has co-founded the Natural-Tea Master Class with Pu-Er Tea Trade Association of Malaysia, joining forces to jump start a series of tea culture promotion events to various ethnic groups since then.